This website is dedicated to the traditional handmade edged weapons and armour of many diverse cultures worldwide, some currently, but mostly formerly, in production and use. The index references other noncommercial websites as well as material original to this site.

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North America
espada ancha  Espada Ancha - Swords of Mexico and Spanish Colonial America
 firearms  American Longrifles (a distinctive American form commonly called 'Kentucky rifles')
 fur trade axes & tomakawks  Fur Trade Axes & Tomahawks by Mark Miller

South America
cuchillo gaucho
(creole knives)
 Gaucho knives: Facón, Daga, Cuchilla and Puñal by Abel A. Domenech
 Knives of the Gaucho

Africa - Web exhibition including throwing knives, axes, daggers and swords - Weapons of Old Africa
 koummya  Koummya - Moroccan Daggers
 takouba  Takouba - Swords of the Saharan Tuareg
 Takouba Research Society
 kaskara  Royal Regalia: a sword of the last Sultan of Darfur, Ali Dinar (pdf) by Julie Anderson
 The Sword and Knife Makers of Kassala, Eastern Sudan in September 1984 (pdf) by Edwin Hunley, Ph.D.
 Kaskara Fuller Styles and Names (pdf) by Edwin Hunley, Ph.D.
 Kaskara Crossguards /Quillons (pdf) by Edwin Hunley, Ph.D.
 The Sudanese Kaskara Sword in Silver Dress (pdf) by Edwin Hunley, Ph.D.
 Kaskara - Broadswords of Sudanic Africa

 Medieval Sword Resource Site (500 - 1500)
   Features at includes a detailed Oakeshott classification section and much more
   Sword-Bridges (Schwertbruecken) ~ Medieval European swords examined by Japanese techniques (dissertation - pdf - German lang.)
   Rapiers by William Wilson (1500 - 1675)
   European Swords by Jean Binck (1650 - 1900)
 Norway  Norwegian military small-arms & blades (1604 - 1945) ~ including Norwegian Battle Axes
 Poland  Eastern Influences on Polish Arms (pdf) (2007 Timonium Seminar) by Michal Dziewulski

   (Technical Analysis of) Indo-Persian Blades in the Collection of E. Gene Beall by Dr. Ann Feuerbach (pdf)
   Outside Influences on the Edged Weapons of Indonesia (2009 Timonium Seminar) by Charles Saunders (pdf)
 khanjar  Khanjar (Omani dagger) and mountings
 shamshir  Shamshir: Traditional Sabers of Islam (Persia , Mughal India and the Arab World)
 peidao  Some Notable Sabers of the Qing Dynasty at The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Philip M. W. Tom (pdf)
   Fe Doro Manchu Archery by Peter Dekker (Rediscovering Manchu Archery ~ 2008 Timonium Seminar)
 dpa dam  Tibetan Swords
 piha kaetta A Resource and Information Site
 daos  Sword-daos of the Naga and Kachin
 Daos of the Hill Tribes of Assam and Nagaland
 dha  The Dha Research Archive by Mark Bowditch
 The Swords of Continental Southeast Asia by Ian A. Greaves, Mark I. Bowditch & Andrew Y. Winston
 keris  Origin of the Keris and Its Development to the 14th Century by A. G. Maisey
 An Interpretation of The Pre-Islamic Javanese Keris by A. G. Maisey
 Philippine Islands  Malay World Edged Weapons (Indonesia - Malaysia - Philippines) by Dominique Buttin
 Plates from Krieger's ...Weapons and Armor of the Philippine Islands... (1926)
 Hinalung & Pinahig: Weapon -Tools of the Igorot
 nihonto (Japan)  The Japanese Sword by Richard Stein
 Nihonto Message Board
 tsuba (Japan)  Art of the Japanese Sword: Tsuba by Jim Gilbert

 collections  David Atkinson's Swords and Knives Collection
 Archive of Lew Waldman's Collection of Ethnographic Arms & Armour
   Notes on the Development of the Machete by Carter Rila
   Some Edge Weapons With Seldom Encountered Wootz Blades (2009 Timonium Seminar) by Rick Stroud (pdf)
   Blade Patterns Intrinsic to Steel Edged Weapons

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