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please help improve this site. One of the risks of publishing a work such as this, derived from many, often conflicting sources (some of which are notoriously unreliable and anecdotal) on the world wide web is that some readers who are members of the cultures described or have professionally studied these cultures firsthand will instantly recognize ridiculous misstatements of alleged fact or outrageous interpretations. Given the general tendency of modern anthropologists to de-emphasize the existence and roles of these largely obsolete weapons, accurate information is often difficult to obtain. Therefore, if you are in a position to correct or clarify material contained herein, please e-mail your comments to me so corrections may be made for the benefit of future readers. Remember the adage: silence is consent. Thanks...

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While I endeavor to reply to all inquiries, I must confess that my response time has deteriorated significantly recently and no improvement is in sight. Please be aware that it can be several days between logins or even weeks if I am on vacation. While I welcome your inquiries and comments concerning this site or related topics, and intend always to acknowledge your messages presuming a valid return e-mail address is provided, if you have not received a response in a reasonable amount of time, please re-send it just in case it has been lost, I'll not be offended by follow-up duplicates.

Questions about swords and related subjects are better handled in the forum than by e-mail for two reasons. First, you are likely to get a much quicker reply and, more importantly, you stand to benefit from a greater pool of knowledge and experience in that setting and are, therefore, likely to get a more correct answer. Also, check this list of other forums for one specializing in your area of interest; the forum here is focused upon actual ethnographic weapons (and actual antique medieval European swords for the Mediaeval Sword Resource Site component) and questions about modern reproductions and recent military swords are not likely to receive as helpful of responses here as at forums frequented by persons with those interests. Photographs are important whenever identification is sought and may be e-mailed to the address below for inclusion on the forum if you lack your own server space.

My e-mail address in conjunction with this site is ljones@vikingsword.com. Make the topic of your correspondence obvious in the subject line as over 90% of the e-mail I receive is spam and this is deleted without opening; absence of a subject line or a vague innuendo only lead to prompt deletion.

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