Why Mediaeval Sword Resource Site?

This noncommercial site has been established in order to provide information of interest to students and collectors of European Dark and Middle Ages swords and other edged weapons, with a particular focus on the swords of the Viking Age. Established in late July 1997, this site and its parent now have over 15 megabytes on-line, with more planned to follow in the months and years to come. It is my intention to share both original material on these and related subjects as well as to provide listings of relevant literature and upcoming events which may be of interest to medieval sword enthusiasts. There probably being fewer than one hundred (I'm told two dozen is closer to the mark) serious, non-institutional collectors of genuine antique European medieval swords in the world, this whole web site may be a rather pointless undertaking, especially as the few actual collectors I know of are most emphatically not web surfers. Nevertheless, I've got to talk with someone about this subject and I do have a serious case of Internetitis. So, why not?

Design Considerations

This site has been designed to provide an optimal appearance on systems running a screen resolution of at least 1024 by 768 pixels at 16-bit color depth, with the browser stretched to the full screen height. While the frames are resizable, users on systems providing a smaller desktop may find the alternate tabular menu for browsers that do not support frames preferable.


Construction Schedule

For 2000 there should be about a few more swords added to the virtual museum and a few more types added to the Petersen translation.


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