Both sides of this sword exhibit moderate to severe pitting. The manner in which the pommel is mounted upon the tang is inapparent in the present state of conservation. The width of the pommel is 9.2 cm. The surface of the pommel facing the tang is convex, both across the depth and length of this face. Similarly, the two "faces" of the pommel are convex and of equal size with the pommel being thinner than it is long. The lower guard (crossguard), when viewed on end, is essentially a heavily corroded iron bar with squared ends having a maximum depth (centrally, from the plane of the photograph) of about 1.8 cm. which is reduced to about 1 cm. toward either tip. While the degree of corrosion at the tips of the crossguard is sufficient to mask whether the quillons had once been longer, the remaining symmetry suggests that the present crossguard length is likely close to the original proportions.

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