M.2 Mid-Viking Age sword from a boy's grave

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Find place  reputedly Oppland Fylke (Province), Norway
Collection Private 
 Length Overall: 47.7 cm. Blade: 38.5 cm.
 Date 850 to 950 AD
 Condition Excavated with mild to moderate pitting, moderately bent, opaque waxed surface.

This sword was reputedly recovered from a grave containing a child's skeleton in the 19th Century; a small axe-head and spear-head were also recovered with it. This hilt of this mid-Viking Age sword has simple "bar" guards of unadorned iron characteristic of Petersen's type M. As discussed under M.1, this is a common type, most often associated with a Norwegian origin.

The blade, from its width, appears to have been shortened from a full sized Viking sword, with the present sword blade representing the proximal (hilt) end. The central broad fuller of the blade fades relatively near to the tip, slightly narrowing as it becomes shallower proportionally with the overall thinning blade towards the tip.

The blade is moderately bent, with mild twisting. Fractures, both perpendicular and parallel to the length of the blade, may be noted in bent areas even through the opaque wax covering on the blade. Presumably, though not certainly, this sword was straightened following recovery, and had been deliberately bent before inhumation.

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