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Old 15th December 2020, 09:30 AM   #1
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Default Military Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol

Here I show you a really rare item. A double barrel pistol of the carabiniers of the small county of Schaumburg-Lippe-Bückeburg. It was used under count William between 1756 and 1785 and is probably the only double barrel ordnance flintlock pistol ever in use. The quantity made has been ca. 100. The left barrel is smooth bore, the right one has six strait grooves. Caliber is 14,0 mm. The pistol has been restored, the missing battery springs are replaced.
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Old 10th January 2021, 04:59 PM   #2
colin henshaw
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This looks to be an impressive and rare pistol, so as no one else has, I will post a comment, however antique firearms is not a subject I have studied.

I believe "carabiniers" were basically cavalry that carried a short carbine, which would be easier to handle on horseback than a full length musket. Would these double-barreled pistols be carried in a holster, perhaps in a pair on either side of the horse's neck ?

Why would one barrel be grooved and the other smoothbore ? perhaps for different charges... say ball in one and shot in the other ??

The pistol has been restored; to me the steel barrel seems over-cleaned probably with acid ? But maybe this is the norm with regards to antique firearms ?

Anyway, hopefully someone who specializes in this area will make an informed post...
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Old 10th January 2021, 06:15 PM   #3
Will M
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Straight grooves holds some of the previous powder fouling allowing easier reloading of a ball, the smooth barrel as suggested for shot and would not require grooves. This reminds me to be more likely used in hunting situations where you don't know what kind of game will present to you next.
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