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Default A Very Humble Kindjal

I recently purchased this very workmanlike kindjal. The seller is located is in Turkey so it is safe to assume that it is a Turkish kindjal. There don't seem to be any distinct characteristics that would pinpoint this piece's origin anywhere else other than where it was sold from, a horn hilt with what looks like iron pins with an unfullered blade that is pretty short and shows some wear. This piece shows what I think is a seldom seen side of the kindjal, as just another knife to use for any task one would need a knife for. The edge wear on this kindjal I am 99.9% sure is not from it's previous owner getting into way too many scuffles. Someone probably wouldn't use a kindjal with a walrus ivory hilt, gold inlaid blade and a scabbard with niello fittings adorning the finest leather one could afford to cut some sušuk or kaşar, but with this kindjal you would without question. These are the seller's photos, when I get the dagger I will add more photos if any other hidden details arise (this probably won't happen).
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Cool piece! The craftmanship and material remind me of some knives from the Levant (shibriya, jambiya).
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