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Default Keris Swap Forum Rules

Rules Applying to the Keris Swap Forum Specifically
This forum is for Collectors to Swap and/or sell keris and keris related items only; items such as pendok, hulu, mendaks, holders and the like.

Aside from the regular Swap Forum rules we have some special ones for the Keris Swap Forum; please read on before you post.

1. Only individuals who have actively participated in the Warung Forum as a full member for a minimum of 45 days may list items in Keris Swap.

2. All adverts will be subject to moderation before being cleared to post.

3. All items listed in Keris Swap are to be an EXCLUSIVE offer, not to be offered for sale ANYWHERE ELSE for a time of 14 days from date of listing.
Violation of this rule is actionable.* *(suspension until resolution)

4. Other forms of wesi aji (tombak, parang, etc.) must be listed in the regular Swap Forum. All keris listings found in regular Swap will be moved to the Keris Swap forum and will fall under its policies and rules. (If you are listing multiple items and one of them is a keris or keris related you must list it in Keris Swap.)

5. If the item you are selling has been discussed in the Warung you must wait 30 days before listing in Keris Swap; please notify us and we will close the thread on the item . Notifying us also applies if you choose to sell your item in ANY OTHER VENUE since there is a long-standing forum policy against the discussion of any item that is currently up for sale. Referencing the thread, linking to or directly quoting a member's comments on your item is forbidden and actionable * *(suspension until resolution of the question)

6. After the two week time limit a member may state that the item has gone to eBay or other selling venue.

7. You may NOT provide any link to the item or website to redirect attention. A simple "Gone to eBay" or Auction will suffice.

8. All items must be priced. For swap only adverts an approximate dollar value must be assigned to the item.

9. Pictures of items for sale must be uploaded directly to the site. No links or hyper-links; they will be edited out.

10. Adverts like "Hey check out my site; I've got a great keris newly in stock!" followed by a link are not allowed. Links to eBay auctions are not allowed.

11. Only the person who posts the advert and the moderators are allowed to post in Keris Swap .

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