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Old 4th November 2021, 11:54 PM   #1
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Default Old rifle with gold in barell

This is a heavy, very old looking rifle. The shape looks european, the decoration seems islamic, the gold inlay unusuall, and the shape of the end of the berell reminds me ofguns from late 17th century. Any ideas?
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Old 5th November 2021, 01:09 AM   #2
David R
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there was something of a fashion for high quality Turkish barrels in Austrian and German States rifles in the 18th century.
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Vikingsword Staff
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Let's see what replies you get here. If there is not a lot of information forthcoming, we might move it over to the European Armoury forum given David R's suggestion of an Austrian or German States origin.

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Old 5th November 2021, 03:58 PM   #4
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I don't think that this is a gun made for or in Germany or Austria. The barrel with this chracteristic backsight and the inforced muzzle is a typical turkish or osmanic one. Over that the decoration with round little blades of brass which are missing in the stock leaving their remaining holes was never used in Germany or Austria. This is IMHO a typical osmanic gun made about 1800 probably in South Italy or Brescia for the market in the Osmanic Empire.
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Old 6th November 2021, 05:26 AM   #5
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The stock looks like a British sporting gun stock, but the barrel more resembles those on Indian Toradors especially the flared mouth. Maybe Indian or Afghani?
Just a guess really.
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