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Default European antecedent: ring swivels

Here is an early miquelet-lock gun, ca 1630, fitted-up in Brescia (in Lombardy, northern Italy) in local style of the era, using an imported Ottoman barrel. The bulge on the bottom of the stock ahead of the angular trigger guard is a holdover from wheellock guns, here superfluous considering the shape of a miquelet lock.

Seen here on the left side are a pair of ring swivels for the sling. The buttstock profile is similar to that seen on a type of Balkan gun, common during the 18th-19th centuries, called a dzeferdar.

Note also that the barrel is affixed to the forestock by pins running through tenons dovetailed on the underside of the barrel, in a manner common to most European long guns of the era. This, as opposed to the use of capucines or barrel-bands characteristic of later Oriental weapons.
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