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Default Two Gun Locks

Hello ALL

Of somewhat passing interest, two new locks to add to my collection.

Top is a typical snaphaunce lock from a Moroccan musket. Patterned in the English style. Better made than most I've seen, and in good working order. Action operates very smooth. All the original parts are present. Even the screws appear to match. Someone later has cleaned and polished the lock.
Generally not the best thing to do with original items, but it's OK in this instance. And it displays very well. Nice to find one in such good working condition and complete. From a recent Czerny's auction.

The second lock is a typical Ottoman miquelet lock that would have been mounted on a shishana rifle or tufek musket. Complete and in working order with the usual heavy mainspring. Silver mounted (but difficult to notice in the photos). Just a good, average lock from this region. From a recent Herman Historica auction.

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