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Originally Posted by Tim Simmons
At 35 cm it a big knife be waved around your private parts. I would think of animal sacrifice?
Hi Tim,

I was taking the 35 cm (about 13.7 in.) to indicate OAL, which would mean that the blade would be about 89 in. in length. That's probably bigger than most Jewish circumcision knives but I don't know what Persians used. Also, Jewish circumcision knives mostly have straight edges, whereas old Indonesian knives used for the same purpose tended to have curved edges (though not as curved as this knife).

Originally Posted by mariusgmioc
... To me, this looks like a repurposed shamshir blade fragment. ...
Hi mariusgmioc,

To me the blade looks too thin and the curvature too severe to have come from the thickest part of a shamshir adjacent to the hilt.

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