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Originally Posted by ariel
I also informed Mahratt that I bought his book and per his promise I also was entitled to its English translation.
That was month ago and I am still waiting for any response. Likely, US Customs are not the only ones to screw things up.
Dear Ariel

My bad English is probably to blame. I did not promise anything to anyone and did not give any obligations.
I show courtesy to those forum participants who do not know Russian (This is a completely free bonus). I hope you understand the difference between “promise (obligation)” and “show courtesy”? If now you again did not understand my poor English, special for you, I am ready to repeat this phrase in Russian.
After all, you read and speak Russian well? After all, you spent a significant part of your life in the USSR. You regularly write on Russian forums and judging by the topic "Crimean Tatars knives in the 18th century", you perfectly understand spoken Russian.
It is for this reason that you do not need a translation of the book into English.
So I allowed myself in this situation not to towards you and did not send you a translation of the book.
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