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Are you sure the delay, in this case, is with US Customs and not the US postal system itself? In my experience, there have been frequent delays with parcels arriving from Europe or Israel, which enter the US in New York. Study of tracking records show that the hoidups are generally at a postal facility identified in the tracking history as "New York ISC" At times it is a real choke point, parcels get stuck there for a week or two. Sometimes there is no further tracking entry but after another couple, or three weeks the parcel lands on my doorstep! It's completely unpredictable. Last spring, a book I ordered from Italy never arrived, it entered the NY ISC which turned out to be a black hole which swallowed it forever. (fortunately the seller refunded my money)

In contrast, I have had parcels come to me via the San Francisco ISC and the processing is fast.

I have little or no faith in the US Postal Service when it comes to parcel delivery. Or tracking reliability These clowns can't run as tight a ship as the courier services but hey, what do you expect at rates that are so much lower? You can't expect a steak for the price of a wiener.
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