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Originally Posted by Ian
Photobucket now charges $400.00 for pics uploaded to their site to be hosted on third party servers!
damn.. well no more photobucket for me.. that site was becoming so slow and nonfunctional that it s almost useless anyway.

these knives are really quite interesting you can see images and video footage of various clunies-ross wearing these as well.

the Malays there came some time in the 1860s i think before there was a mix if madagascan and south african coloured and Malay convicts...

they must have been contracted in a relatively compact group and brought their blacksmiths with them..

im just imagining some weird hybrid Madagascan or african weapons being made by a malay blacksmith.. or maybe a hybrid drik knife for the original clunies-ross heheh.

but really this is a mystery that i think we can solve with a few phone calls..
i think today im going to look in a phone directory for the cocos islands and make some calls there and see if any local people might know who were the makers of these and when they stopped making them!
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