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Originally Posted by kai
Hilts from the 19th century (or older) are a joy to hold. Period. (Only really extravagant renditions of junggayan hilts compromise ergonomics for show. The vast majority of all extant examples offers a very positive grip.)

Modern hilts tend to dig into the palm of the hand during usage and some also put undue stress on the pinkie - they can be a real pain to use for any extended period. Usually they are made from less dense wood (weightwise this may be "compensated for" by more bulky design) and not well polished.

I'm afraid I never bought any modern Sulu hilt. Thus, I currently can't compare them directly side by side.

I second this - old hilts are indeed highly ergonomic as compared to most modern hilts. However, there are modern, off the grid pandays whose hilts almost reach to the level of old ones. They are scattered throughout the Sulu archipelago, usually in areas that are difficult to access due to conflicts between extremists and government troops.
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