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Originally Posted by kai
Now, that's a line-up, complete with dwarf barung! Thanks, Xas!

The artisans obviously put a lot of effort into crafting these. However, I have yet to find any modern style hilts that resemble the ergonomics of the old-style designs. (I have to stipulate though, that I haven't handled enough modern hilts to make a general statement.)

I know it's hard to change a cultural development of possibly over 100 years. Wouldn't it make sense though to also try to reproduce old-style hilts, especially if functional blades are desired?

Good point on the hilts. Really ergonomic hilts like those of the old ones are hard to come by nowadays. They're still around, but it takes some digging (and access to difficult-to-reach areas) to locate artisans who have the knowledge and skill to make ergonomic hilts.
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