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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey
Detlef, I'm not so sure that USA shipping is as bad as it has been made out to be.

I have sent a number of small packages to several different destinations in the USA over the last few weeks, there was no difficulty in lodging with Australia Post, transit time was a bit slower than normal, but in a couple of cases it was super fast. Postage costs were the same as normal.

I use Australia Post, I never, ever use courier companies, in my experience they are, generally speaking expensive, unreliable and difficult to deal with.
Hello Alan,

It's not a problem based in the States, the problem is that DHL ship parcels most of the time by passenger airplane and since there due corona are only very few filghts they have to book place in cargo flights.
So a lot services not possible, parcels possible but extreme expensive. I've shipped parcels to the States in the beginning of the corona crises, sometimes it need very long but have had parcels which receive very fast.


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