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Default Indonesian, Scottish or Something Else ?

I realize that the above title covers quite a range and so it is evident that I don't know what I have.
At first glance, I thought that it might be Indonesian, in the style of the pre-regulation kalewangs locally produced for the Dutch, imitating a European hunting trousse set, however after further inspection of the scabbard, I noticed what looks like "K.Rily 1818." Could this be European, rather than Indonesian?
The blade measures approx. 9" long and 1.5" at its widest, and .25" at the base of the spine. It is very sharp and it would be a very effective weapon as well as equally handy for field dressing game.
Could this be a crude Sgian Dubh?
I will leave it to the moderators to move this item to the European section if they feel it is better served there.
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