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While I cannot comment on the rarity of this example of the weapons termed 'throwing knives' in Central to East African regions, it is a very attractive one. It seems that while there are certain features in the shapes and blade configurations in many, it would be hard to assess rarity as there seems a range of variation in the many basic forms so it would be hard to say how many examples might exist that are alike or similar.

It seems to me to have some features in character with Azande to Mangbetu forms along with the use of copper and the curious hole in the blade (the Mangbetu trombash usually has two or three holes, in attached image).
These are I believe filled with copper plugs and these are indicative of a persons status or prowess as a warrior from what I have read on the Mangbetu.

The 'Tribal Arms' monographs really are excellent resources on these esoteric weapons, and I wish I had my copies at hand. As I recall though, most of these 'knives' post 1920s are primarily ceremonial as status symbols, and as processional weapons.

Though just adding these thoughts to possible identifications, it seemed worthy of note to mention the hole as related to those in the trombash forms of adjacent tribes such as the Mangbetu.
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