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Wow! Thank you for sharing Charles! Man, just when you think you have seen it see something like this! Fantastic! lovely silverwork with the dragon/ beast on the hanger on the scabbard...very different silverwork, lovely stones, coral and turquoise that certainly does remind you of Tibetan works...also the multi sided ivory handle is not as common...very nice!!! Tibetian, Chinese, Tai influences...not saying it's Husa, but some of the Tai smiths in these regions do make blades, even those commonly associated as Tibetian for trade...not hard to imagine as you also see some of the Tibetian style hairpain steel in some of the higher status blades that widen at the square tip and are usually called Kachin/Naga Dao with the open faced scabbard, wild cat jaw pendent and hour glass handle..... Awesome, awesome piece, Charles! I swear this man has a time machine, with the fantastic condition and unique pieces he finds!
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