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Originally Posted by Ferguson
I think the dark part of the hilt is indeed carabao horn. I zoomed in on your excellent photo of the hilt and the grain looks like old horn. See how at a couple of places you see lighter streaks that are almost very fine cracks? Also, it looks like a small "bug bite" where an insect has been eating the handle, common with horn. Of course, you have it in your hand and can see better than a picture, so it may be wood.

Very nice sewar!

Steve Ferguson
Thanks Steve (and everyone else who pointed this out)

My imagination was seeing wood grain in the handle, but now I see that you are all correct. The grain lines all run parallel and looks fibrous like horn. I was wondering what that hole was.

I also re-read the post by kai and looked closer at the temper line he was noting. I'm used to very distinct temper lines in modern forged blades so am wondering if I also jumped to conclusions concerning the "fuller" shadow causing the temper line. It is not distinct but the steel along the edge does seem to be bit darker.

What do you suppose caused the grainy pattern in the steel. Did they use some kind of wootz?
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