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First, in Reply to David, the handle could be shell; I have a large gunong that has a shell handle.
Next,Ian, I appreciate your extensive knowledge of Philippine weapons and your travels to that land, where you have actually talked to the artisans who made these. Could you show me some examples of daggers from the '70s, '80s & '90s, and the maker's names that the works are attributed to? I feel that they should be researched & cataloged as this period might have been a Renaissance in the crafting of those objects, worthy of future study.
Next, as per your observation, there certainly was an abundance of aluminum in the Philippines, so I don't see it as an impossibility that a worn piston was traded for a mess of fish; the way the aluminum was used so sparingly, seems to indicate that it was valued.
In conclusion, let me state that I have the highest regard for your vast expertise and I am only questioning if the usage of aluminum predates WW2, and if not in these items, possibly others.
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