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Thanks David,
Iím fairly new to Kukriís and related blades.

I had thought the handle was hardwood, Iíll attach more pics. Seems there is a repaired or beginning crack along one side.

Do you feel that the scabbard and little dagger pieces are en suite?

So your guess is possibly 1940ís ish ? I am completely at a loss on this one due to no patina (possibly due to high polishing). Through the sheath looks that old, if original to the knife.


Originally Posted by David R View Post
There are indications that it is post WW2, the brass bolster and knurling are features associated with the later date as is the reduced size of the grip ring. The blade is very well forged, more so than usual, and the double peen (or are they nails) is an early feature. At a guess, a private purchase officers kukri of the late 1930's early 1940's, possibly even using a refurbished older blade.

Is the grip horn or hardwood?

All in all, a nice item to have in a collection.
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