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Default Indian sword with strange markings for comment

I have this indian sword that has me a bit puzzled, so I am hoping some of the more seasoned collectors of indian arms can enlighten me.

It's a large and heavy sword, about 90cm. I think its south indian, maybe second half of the 18th century. It has a ricasso. On one side there is a Genoese eye lash mark. On the other side there are arabic numeral 436, most likely added later as a collection or armory mark. And then there is a very strange marked carved into the blade, I have no idea what it is. If you remove some bits, it may resemble a unbrella. But this is obviously not a royal sword. I have also read that most umbrella marks are added later to add to the sword value, but if that is the case why put this odd thing on it at not a simple umbrella.

I would appreciate any additional information on the sword and the markings. Thanks for looking!
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