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Originally Posted by Kubur View Post
Hi Stu,

I love it!

You are right most of these features are Algerians.

The copy??? of English lock is something that you can see on the coast, in Northern Morocco and Tunisia.

The ramrod running directy under the barrel without stock is a Tunisian feature.

Because of that and the lock, I think your gun is from the border between Algeria and Tunisa (modern/ colonial borders anyway...)
I was thinking Tunisia/Algeria but the European lock threw me off a bit.. This gun was one of two very similar offered at the auction but the other had been originally a Miquelet I think. Here is a pic of the lock area of the other gun, As you can see it has a similar flintlock to mine but at some stage there has been a different lock fitted judging by the damage and ill fitting. Also the top jaw of the cock is missing and there was no rammer. Bit of a mess really.....As a matter of interest the lock shown here has the word "Marseilles" engraved below the hammer.
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