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Hi Jim!

Iím also interested in literature in English on Hungarian swords and arms/armour. Unfortunately these are quite rare.

You may be able to buy Lugosiís Kardok and Nadolskiís Polish Sabres if you google local Hungarian and Polish online book shops and second hand book shops.

You may want to look up Dr. Tibor Kovacs ( at the Hungarian National Museum who has written quite a lot (in Hungarian). The museum is fantastic and well worth a visit. I have forever regretted not buying his book on maces and war hammers when I was there. He wrote a book on Hungarian Hussars in 15-17thC in Hungarian (which I donít understand a word of)

Some material is available in German like this on the fringia inscription: Peter Krenn is very good on Austro-Hungarian arms from Styria, e.g. https://www.historischerverein-stmk....-in-Coburg.pdf.

Hope this helps.
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