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Default Hungarian swords and references query

In going through old notes, Ive come across old references to the often peculiar inscriptions and symbols on Hungarian blades referred to as 'the Transylvanian knot'. I think it was Ariel who found this information and possibly it came from a book on Hungarian swords, "Kardok" (Hungarian swords) by Lugosi Jozsef(?) and Tennesvary Ferenc.

I am wondering if anyone can say more on this curious inscription, the book, and perhaps where one might obtain this and other titles on these swords.
There is very little in books in English on Hungarian and Polish swords.

Another title I had the name of:
"Huszarfegverek a 15-17 Szazadban" (forgive my horrible spelling)
Tibor S. Kovacs

one more:
"a Magyar faj Vandor Pa'sa:
J. Zichy, Budapest, 1897

Sure would appreciate any info on these,
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