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Originally Posted by Ian
Hi Jim,

Thanks for sharing this interesting weapon and its history. I like the grip style and the wood it is made from--the grain is rich and beautiful! The sight line is not impaired by the hammer and the barrel seems quite long. Have you ever fired it to test its accuracy?

Thank you Ian! No, I am not a 'shooter' but interested in the history of the weapons. I would be very concerned about firing of such an old pistol, but it seems a consensus among the gun guys that as long as the charge is carefully measured etc. it is entirely feasible to fire these antiques.
It seems these guns were of large enough bore to be deadly in the circumstances they were used in, very close range.

Actually, in some reading on such close range discharge of black powder arms (Im sure to be corrected but I am not exactly a gun maven) that the victims clothing could be ignited.

Fernando has reminded me gently ( my age is creeping up on me) that I posted this already last October, so please indulge my redundance

The burl wood is characteristic of the beautiful woodwork well known in the furnishings and cabinetry of New England, and the gun stocks of the famed long rifles.
I am a bit puzzled by the sight on this, but do know that the 'underhammer' system was later used in a number of rifles, but not sure if that would have any bearing.
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