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Originally Posted by Ian
Hello Hefezola:

Thanks for sharing your kris and barung. The kris appears to be a broad-bladed example from the Sulu Archipelago, dating from mid-20th C I would think. It is missing its other stirrup, or it is a very unusual single stirrup example with the stirrup on the back side of the blade (I have never seen that before, so I think it is probably missing the other one). The hilt is a horse hoof style commonly found on mid-20th C examples.

The barung are all Sulu as well (probably Tausug) and likely date from the 20th C. One is missing part of its kakatua pommel, but it is 20th C too.
Each of your swords has been cleaned very well and I like the subtle etching that you have given them--the patterns are clear. Did you use nitrol or acetic acid?

I used vinegar to clean some rust then cleaned it. . I used 60%water 40% ferric Chloride acid solution for etching...

Thank you for your inputs...

Is there in any way I could do for etchibg where patterns and lines come out boldly?
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