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This response by Keith is virtually 'the tip of the iceberg' regarding the true history of these swords and types he has uncovered in the several years he has been researching for his book on the history of the Shotley Bridge enterprises.

I am fortunate to have 'been along' in this, and quite honestly have learned more on these fields of sword history than I could have imagined beyond what I had studied over many years. As if the wars, campaigns and strife between countries and Great Britain as well as within the countries themselves were not complicated enough, the mysteries and intrigues of Shotley Bridge are a solid mix of history and James Bond! and the mysterious 'Hollow Sword Blades' have never been as deeply approached as by Keith, as can be seen in this brief view he has entered here.

His research has set aside many generations of misconception, lore and generally held assumptions regarding these swords, and I could not resist saying so here. Having said that, I will say that these great examples posted here the past week of small swords, along with what Keith has shared, has greatly piqued my interest in them, and anxious to learn more.

I hope we will be seeing more examples!
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