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Default Small sword; cut steel hilt, Colichemarde blade, for comments

This is a small sword indeed, not only for the style but also for its small dimensions, with a blade measuring 26" which, if its point was not broken (to my despair) would be no more than a couple inches longer... i guess.
The hilt the cut steel type ... ma non troppo; as this is the simplest of the kind i find out there.
No doubt a Colichemarde blade, with its hollow ground three faces.
Interesting that it still keeps the leather 'washer' that softens the impact of the (missing) scabbard. It could be my imagination but, one of the arabescs in the decoration looks more like the name of the blade smith.
Culd you Gentlemen favour me with your comments, age and provenance included ?
Thsnk you so much in advance.

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