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Hi Jeff,
Weapons like those you noted made their way to the mountains in a variety of ways. Throughout the lowlands and less rural areas, these weapons were not rare. While the local Tboli people may have owned a few, it’s likely that most in the photos were owned by Elizalde’s entourage which would have been large and very well armed. You probably also noticed Charles Lindbergh in the photos as well, creating the need for an even larger amount of security.

During that time (and continuing until today) the mountains could be a dangerous place with various groups of roaming bandits and rebels, all armed with M16s, etc. In addition, groups affiliated with mining and lumber interests would always have plenty of armed security. It’s my understanding that Elizalde wasn’t against ‘helping’ the Tboli by supplying them with a few rifles and machine guns for their protection against these problematic groups.
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