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An interesting cultural piece with good provenance. There are a number of these Maguindanao kris around that have been modified by the T'boli, and are therefore identifiable as cross-cultural items. I have owned several such pieces with cast brass hilts that show a T'boli influence. Some of the other Lumad groups, such as the Bagobo/Tagakaolu, were also fond of Maguindanao kris.

In this regard, all of the examples I can recall were older Maguindanao swords that were more slender than many we see from the late 19th-early 20th C, which had broad heavy blades.

I will post some pictures of Lumad-modified kris in the next couple of days.

The word sudeng may be derived from the Moro/Visayan word sundang, which means "sword," and in the Moro context it is sometimes used for the straight-bladed form of kris.
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