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Extremely nice wootz pattern! Excellent job.
Wish I could do half as well:- (((((

As to the name ( kard, karud, pesh kabz), it depends exclusively on the form of the blade, not on the materiel of it.

But I do not wish to argue about the use of the term « karud” in casual conversations. It would be just like pedantically opposing “ booze” instead of “ alcoholic beverage”. I am only suggesting that this term is wrong from the professional point of view: it never was the real name of the dagger, it is just a local pronounciation of “ kard” , akin to to the Southern “ taar” instead of “tire”, “ eiah” instead of “ air” or “ lemme” instead of “ let me”. One can hear at the gas staton somewhere in Alabama “ lemme put eiah in your taar” and still know that nothing bad is going to happen: the attendant just wants to inflate you leaking tire. But by the same token, one would never put that sentence phonetically into his/her MS thesis on managing practices in the Alabamian “ Discount Tire” shops:-) That’s all..
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