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I think this knife is within the scope of our forum.
9 7/8" Overall length
5 1/2" Blade
4 3/8" Handle
15/16" Wide at the base of the blade
3/16" Thick above the bolster
A distinct distal taper on the full tang. The guard is forged not brazed. The blade has a spine, a false edge, and a slight hollow grind. Riveted stag or jigged bone handles. One handle slab is considerably more worn than the other. The balance point is the guard, and it is very light.

I have only found one knife on the internet by this maker, pictured below. To me the knives look German. Does anyone have any information about this maker, the period of manufacture, and location of maker? I am completely lacking books on this subject.

One last question. On the right side of the handle scale is worn almost smooth, and the horn and rivets are darkened Any ideas what would cause one side of the handle to wear so much more than the other?

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