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I agree with your ID of the bottom piece of ikat as T'boli. However, the use of ikat wraps on sword and knife sheaths has not been especially helpful in identifying the origins of Lumad weapons in my experience. For example, I have seen Tagakaolu (Bagobo) weapons and utility knives with T'boli ikat wraps, as well as B'laan. Of course this may have reflected the preference and culture of the ultimate owner rather than the maker of these weapons. Which makes mixed cultural items rather difficult to describe.

Judging from the hilt of your example, I think this is a T'boli work knife with elements of non-T'boli decoration. The example shown by xasterix is a post WWII T'boli sanggi—the cast bronze hilt is distinctive. However, there are people here who have more experience of Lumad weapons and can probably give you a more accurate reading on the decoration of your example.



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