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Judging from the photos alone is tricky and can be misleading, but to my eyes the blade looks very odd.

To my eyes, this blade does not look that it was originally shaped like this. It looks like a classic wedge/triangular cross-section shamshir blade that has been reshaped (hence the apparent wootz steel of the blade). The double edge of the tip may have been made through removal of material. Also the curvature of the blade may have been accentuated by the shaping of the tip.

The koftgari may have been added later and the presence of langet shapes does not make too much sense with the current hilt. So, I believe the current hilt may be an even later addition.

And almost certainly this is not a circumcision knife. A circumcision knife should be a small knife for precision cut and definitely not a khanjar-sized double-edged dagger. Why would one need a 35 cm DOUBLE-edged blade to cut 5 mm of skin?!

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