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Originally Posted by TVV View Post
A reference to the seven sleepers?

In the Islamic tradition, there would be eight names. Kitmir, their dog, was also with the youths.
I also think that in this case the dots would be located in one block.
But look at the photo below. Recently, Marius showed his Ottoman kard.
On its handle is a Tree of Immortality with the same arrangement of five dots. And two separately outside the composition.
I think they should also be considered separately on the sword blade.
Most likely, this is a metaphor of spiritual ascent through the observance of religious precepts, or Sufi practices.
Something similar in meaning to the drawing "the Prophet's ladder" (Kirk Narduban) on the blades.
In the Ottoman tradition, the image of a tree may probably have another meaning (the famous dream of Osman I about a tree growing out of him),
but in this case I think the same "message" is on the kard and the kaskara.
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