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There are at least 3 other attributed Ali Dinar kaskaras previously auctioned for tens of thousands GBP. At least one is reported by the British Museum. Google search on "Ali Dinar swords auctions UK".

Apparently, most of Dinar's swords were looted from his residence compound when the British military drove him out of El Fasher in 1916. Had they been official Spoils of War (wink wink) there should have been an inventory. It would be interesting to attempt a Chain of Custody of his known swords and try to get as good and inventory as possible.

I believe an argument could be made that the swords were/are works of art as opposed to being actual weapons and the patrimony of his family or at least the state of Darfur. Could be like the Benin bronzes recently returned to their original home.

Just saying,

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