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I think this is related in style. The ferule on the handle is almost identical. The banding on the sheath is similar. Notice the punch work on both around where the blade joins the guard.

The differences are of course the beautiful okir work and burl on the original example. Montino's has a hollow ground blade as well as far as I can tell. Oddly in mine there is a half circle cut out of the sheet metal where it joins the throat. There are a couple of letters partially visible where I used a piece of paper wrapped around the wood to tighten the fit of the blade and the boards inside the sheath with the outer metal shell. It will get a foil patch at some time. I only mention it as an interesting note in the construction methods used. To me it makes the piece feel more modern.

There was a bad repair where the blade was poorly re-fixed to the handle using epoxy by a previous owner. I got this piece as a project to learn how to loosen the blade and to reattach it with traditional cutlers resin.

Could we assume a similar age and origin or is mine a later copy?

Montino, have you tried using a silver polishing cloth? It cleaned mine up nicely. These pictures are taken after several months of oxidation. I cleaned up some silver fittings at the same time as an experiment. It has been interesting to watch several alloys tarnish differently.
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