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Originally Posted by NeilUK View Post
I think you are right about it being Turkish, or possibly Balkan. The whole lack of sophistication, style of the lock and engraving plus the butt and sideplate seem very similar to other Turkish firearms I have seen.
Agreed, guns of this type are a knockoff of the large German or Dutch holster pistols of the latter 17th cent., which the Turks became familiar with through trade and warfare during the period.

This example, whose overall build quality is typical of the indifferent-at-best workmanship of the place and time, is nonetheless interesting because in its current state it seems to speak of a rather long service life. The decoration on the lockplate, cock, and buttcap is of halfway decent quality, whereas the rest of the furniture is pretty childish. The stock should extend almost to the muzzle, the present 3/4 length forestock is an anomaly. That, and the thinness of the handle behind the trigger guard, hint at some sort of repair or modification post-manufacture.

The piece exudes a rustic charm that reminds me of much of the armament used in Spain's American colonies --often exhibiting extensive wear, and cobbled-together components that probably have a fascinating story to tell.
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