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The gripscales are of rhino horn. I like to use artist's turpentine on a piece of old towel to clean off accumulated gunk. An old toothbrush works fine for crevices. The fibrous structure can be nourished by gentle rubbing with a 2:1 blend of boiled linseed oil / turpentine. Note that the turpentine I'm referring to is distilled from tree gum, it's not a petrochemical paint thinner. Several applications over successive days, wiping the excess off after each. The trick is to avoid leaving enough to create a sticky layer since this is a subsurface treatment, not something like shellac or varnish. You can finish with a coat of Renaissance wax to create a mellow and attractive sheen. This is the method I've used on antique gunstocks for years, and it works well with these horn grips as well.
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