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I did a little research in my library and found very conflicting information in the historical literature on the manufacture of Massai spears:

F. Kallenberg (Auf dem Kriegspfad gegen die Massai, 1892, p. 89) claims that there is only one kind of real Massai spears and that the Massai are often falsely depicted with Chagga / Dschagga spears in other contemporary literature. (Picture 1 + 2)

M. Merker (Die Masai, 1910, p. 126) states that the Massai use their own spears as well as those made by others (by the Chagga). It shows the distinguishing features based on the cross-section. (Picture 3)

Others claim that the Massai do not make their own weapons at all, but always have them made by other tribes.
(See also the posts by Colin and Fernando)
@ Fernando, could you specify Terry Thorp's publication more precisely?

I think, it is possible that all the informations are correct and that there is a historical development from the late 18th century to the present day, which runs parallel to the development or change of the spears.
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