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Default Tulwar with Cartouche/Singnature? on Blade

Hi Guys

Back in 2005 I purchased two Tulwars with Hilts decorated in Gold koftigari and plain curved blades, one has a cartouche on the blade and the other an inscription inside the knuckle bow. They have been sitting on the wall totally ignored since we brought them. Yesterday, I decided to take them down along with three other examples I have had since 2002. I have now re-photographed them and thought I should post them one at a time to see if someone can assist me with the correct identification and potentially decipher the scrip on the blade. Sadly the script on this one is impossible for me to read but I hope someone may have seen it before and be able to decipher it.

This Tulwar is 36 91.4 cm overall, blade 31 79.4 cm, blade width 1 4/8 3.7 cm, inside grip 3 7.6 cm and weight 0.968 grams.

Any assistance will be much appreciated.

Cheers Cathey
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