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Originally Posted by M ELEY View Post
It's too bad so many folks look down upon the briquets just because they are prolific. They still tell a vital story in the progression of edged weapon history. Although plain, they were an excellent utilitarian tool and weapon, made for simplicity and 'toughness' in the field, much like the so-called 'Pioneer's swords'.

Very well said Capn,
These were essential 'bare bones' weapons that may have been basic, but reflected the tough excellence that they were intended for, and in the harsh intense conditions they faced, they did it well.
Look at the often simple utility knives and tools of the frontiers here in America, and the fact that they were often simply disposed of or repurposed has placed them in an almost rare category, ironically giving them the collectible status denied in their contemporary times.

As with all weapons, they have stories to tell.
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