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Originally Posted by Evgeny_K
Jim, thank you for reply. As I know this sword/saber was found somewhere nearby the former Moldova principality. Unfortunately I do not have more details.
Thank you Evgeny, that is most helpful, and my thoughts are as I noted, East Europe in initial impression, so that region would of course correspond. My resources on weapons from these areas are not great, and while most European markings are fairly covered in the familiar compendiums, however those of most of these areas, as you well know, are typically not.

The best bet is going to be guys like Jasper, who know from hands on experience, these kinds of markings not usually in these references. I look forward to hearing from him and anyone else who might have seen this mark, but continue looking and hope to learn more on this sabre type.

Thank you very much for posting this and the information.
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