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Default Warped leather shield how to rectify?

Hi All
No pictures as yet
I have just purchased 2 shields and a Tulwar
Dahl and a Sudanese Beja shield
The sudanese one is quiet warped and folded (saw them in an antique shop a while back and seller was not selling, called them last week and they are happy to sell now so deal struck but I will not have in hand for a bit)

Has anyone any experience or do's and don's in getting the warp out
one side of the shield is bent a fair bit but the Boss in the centre is fine, from memory the leather was v solid just warped approx 10mm thick with a few of old staples from previous repairs

may plan was as follows

Holsters seem to get re shaped by soaking in water manipulating gently to shape and then holding in shape while drying out
might this work??

Thanks in advance for advice

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