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the issue is not that theres not publications on swords in madagascar, the issue is that theres not ANYTHING published about the regions arms and metal working.. the little information that exsists seems innaccurate as well, vague ect, ive so far found little to anything even about their other arms, but they had them. i dont know, maybe the colonial french administration was very restrictive. but it seems off that they in one generation.. - the colonial period is rather short there.. wiped out this information.
as i said, the fact that their languages have native words for swords - different from machetes or chopping tools implies they had such an item,
just as ive seen silver axe head amulets with heads very similar to arabian and perian axes - as oppose to african or asian weapons... but never an antique real example.. maybe the french just scooped all weapons up and crushed them or outlawed their making?
.. the administration their was famously cruel and ruthless... apparently. so fear of rebellion was real.. the enigma continues. im curious even if their older weapons are work hardened iron like old bantu arms or edge quenched untempered steel like south east asian arms. even some information about their iron smelting.. their bellows are the indonesian type, not african types.
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