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Originally Posted by thinreadline
Well Norman . apparently it was a Kardomah Coffee House ! I have spent a lot of time in coffee houses and never found anything more exciting than a plastic butter knife !
You'll never guess, I've found another book that definitely identifies this object as an old style mass produced French coffee grinder and believe it or not I've just got a new kitchen and the one thing I'm lacking is, you guessed it, a coffee grinder. Now, after much deliberation and no mean physical effort I've levered open the sporran and there are twenty one shiny new shillings, THAT'S A WHOLE GUINEA!!!, waiting to be spent on or according to the wife squandered on this rusty old French coffee grinder. Ye might think my name is Carnegie offering all that money but a'm just a poor wee Scotsman in dire need of a coffee grinder.
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